Our Philosophy

All of the training materials on ACLS Medical Training were written and developed by physicians and nurses. Our medical professionals have certified and recertified in BLS and ACLS many times over. We uniformly agree that having a strong didactic foundation in basic and advanced life-support techniques is the key to being able to use them in practice. On the other hand, BLS skills such as chest compressions, basic airway management, and defibrillator lead placement are critically important skills for anyone who could be called upon to perform ACLS.

ACLS skills verification is important in three circumstances:

  • For initial ACLS certification
  • For learners who would feel more confident with an ACLS practicum
  • To meet practice standards in certain fields
Online + Hands On

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You're in good company! Thousands of medical professionals in over 80 countries rely on ACLS Medical Training for ACLS, PALS, and BLS certification.

ACLS Medical Training Skills Verification


ACLS Medical Training has effectively simulated several key Megacodes online. These are structured in the same way a learner would encounter them during a skills test. The only difference is that instead of seeing ECG tracings and receiving information from a person, they are presented online. Learners are still required to “run the code” and properly follow ACLS algorithms.

Skills Testing

In cases where a skills test is desired or required, ACLS Medical Training provides options:

Find a skill tester
Hold a skills test at your institution

Skills Testing At Your Institution

If you decide to perform skills testing at your institution, simply find a provider who has a valid and current ACLS provider card (or BLS/PALS for those corresponding skills sheets). That person can follow the instructions and fill out the skills sheet provided.


At A Glance:

  • Comprehensive online training materials
  • Provider Card accepted in the US and abroad
  • Challenging Megacodes that simulate real codes
  • Money back guarantee
  • Group discounts available