Megacode Simulators

The algorithms that are published by the American Heart Association are an excellent way to learn the basics of ACLS, PALS, and BLS, but they do not always reflect what takes place in a real code. Patients in distress do not always follow just one algorithm. More often, a patient will transition through a number of states that compromise cardiovascular function. This means that the basic and advanced life support provider must have a working knowledge of all of the algorithms and be able to switch between them based on the patient’s changing needs.

Just as importantly, the life support provider must be able to recognize when the patient has moved from one life-threatening state to another. That is why the physicians and nurses at ACLS Medical Training have developed Megacodes. We have designed the Megacodes to simulate real-life scenarios as part of our ACLS certification curriculum. They are series of questions that test your knowledge of patient assessment, diagnosis, and management. You will need to recall important details like drug dosages and ventilation rates. The Megacodes truly test whether or not you have the answers at your fingertips. When you work through the Megacodes, try to move quickly. Remember, in a real life emergency time is of the essence. We strongly feel that Megacodes help you gauge your personal preparation for responding to a code in real life. Our Megacodes are not part of the certification examination and you do not need to work through them in order to become certified in ACLS, PALS, or BLS. Nonetheless, they are a critical part of your life support training.

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